aplication for [ONE] D

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aplication for [ONE] D

Post by terminat on Tue Apr 14, 2009 12:41 am

Please ensure you list your previous alliances/usernames and the name of any ONE member(s) who can vouch for you, as well as details of how to contact you (Skype/MSN/email is fine, but Skype preferred).
previos allys: F.O.C., ND3, DOW SW3. i was palying on travian BAX(13k pop, 17 villages) and on HRX(but i just started i had 700pop and 2 villages in first 3 days, then i guy viped all my army and i left), i have SKYPE and MSN and EMALI

We are only recruiting in the NorthWest or people on the border with the intention to move into the NW with all future villages.
im in NW

In general, we are after team players, who are both ambitious to do well but also want to have fun and be part of an alliance that consider themselves a family, and look after one another like that.
ok, i m team player and it is fun for me

If you aren't into joining-in, don't think about joining.
i wanna join

If applying for specific wing please state which wing, and why, in your application.
i wanna get in [ONE] D, i have too low pop for [ONE] L so i wanna get in this. i wanna get in [ONE] D cuz u are great ally(i hate noobish allys), team playing and we can help each other.

Please note [ONE] D has a minimum population requirement for applications of 1500, although mitigating factors such as :
1. Army size
2. Endorsments by current ONE players
will be taken into consideration.
Romans and Gauls are preferred, although defence Teutons are welcome also.
An additional requirement is a pop:troop ratio of at least 1:4 or better.

0: i have 1600 pop, but i have just make new village and it will go fast.
2:i dont have any
3:pop:troops = 1:5.75

my name in travian ukx is TERMINATOR5


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Post by terminat on Tue Apr 14, 2009 1:00 am

1. User name. This must be your current IGN.

2. Date you started this server.
3. Population (at time of application).

4. Co-ords. (you must be in the NW, or have a good reason why not)
☠1☠ (-88|133)

☠2☠ (-88|134)

☠3☠ (-89|132)

☠4☠ (-84|141)

5. Tribe.
- Teutons

6. Please IGM number of troops to a recruiter. You MUST be prepared to add a nominated sitter to confirm.
- up
7. Type of play (e.g. aggressive, defensive, mixed).
- aggresive

8. Activity - Daily hours (approximately).
- I play evry day about 16-18h
9. Your reasons for wanting to join.
- Because i want join an alliance which will help me and i will help the alliance . And everything we do together..and up

10. If you were part of another alliance, and who, and why you left.
- up, i left cuz they are to weak

11. Your past experience of travian; please include which server and your in game name(s).
- up

12. Details of any ONE players who can vouch for you.
nobody( u can ask somebody from DOW SW3 i have blue dot)


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Re: aplication for [ONE] D

Post by Sayonara on Tue Apr 14, 2009 7:39 am

Denied on basis of troop numbers and is currently be raided by member of ONE L.



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Re: aplication for [ONE] D

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