rabbits return

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rabbits return

Post by Rabbits on Wed Apr 08, 2009 9:26 am

1. User name. This must be your current IGN.
Rabbits Return

2. Date you started this server.
6th March

3. Population (at time of application).

4. Co-ords. (you must be in the NW, or have a good reason why not)
Main Stronghold Around (-186|11)

5. Tribe.

6. Please IGM number of troops to a recruiter. You MUST be prepared to add a nominated sitter to confirm.
Very Few Rolling Eyes But planning to make much, much, more.
7. Type of play (e.g. aggressive, defensive, mixed).
Defensive this server. i got bored of teutons Razz

8. Activity - Daily hours (approximately).

9. Your reasons for wanting to join.
The leadership in my current alliance is very bad. Farms being recruited, and that general stuff.

10. If you were part of another alliance, and who, and why you left.
TRCoS~II Reasons above.

11. Your past experience of travian; please include which server and your in game name(s).
Ukx (last round) Raza & Rabbits
Ukx (round before) Black Rabbits
Uk3 (last round) Black Rabbits

12. Details of any ONE players who can vouch for you.
None Sad

I can understand if you do not want me to join. thats fine.


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Re: rabbits return

Post by Sayonara on Wed Apr 08, 2009 9:30 am

Sitter check done

Did not meet minimum troop requirements by a long way unfortunately

Application denied


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