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Post by Tullia on Thu Mar 19, 2009 9:14 am

Results of our daily polls will be posted here, to help you decide if you will fit in.
Don't worry too much if you are a ginger biscuit fan, we are very tolerant...

NOTE: this is a new forum feature and will only last as long as I can be bothered making up silly polls in our general chat section.

ONE's favorite biscuits: hobnobs or chocolate digestives. Also, we like to dunk.

ONE's favorite holiday: drinking in Dublin or "chilling" in Amsterdam. It appears we're a bunch of reprobate slackers.

ONE's favorite celebration: we're half selfish (love our birthday for all the pressies) and half romantics (Valentine's for the win!)

ONE's last meal if we were on Death Row: most popular choice was a greasy but delicious full English Breakfast. Possible this relates to the fact we are all insomniacs?


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